Book review reactive domain modelling

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2.6 Making Models Reactive with Scala

  1. Return type with explicit failure Try[U] not just U
  2. Do not throw exceptions
  3. Manage latency with Futures

3. Designing Functional Domain Models

  1. So a module, as defined in a functional domain model, is a collection of functions that operate on a set of types and honor a set of invariants that we call domain rules 3.2.2 Composition with computation the monadic form of computation is that success propogates forward and a single failure in the middle exits the computation this means that all sevices we run in computation one after another need to support the monadic form of computation. 3.3 Life cycle

  2. Remember that aggregate is the complete domain entity that describes a central concept of the domain model.
  3. Favour skinny domain model.
  4. Factories return objects which are minimally valid.

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