Apache Storm CheatSheet

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Step1: Comparison to hadoop

  1. In hadoop jobs finish (usually and hopefully :). In storm they continously ingest events.
  2. In hadoop you have jobtracker In storm you have nimbus assigning tasks to machines monitoring failures etc.
  3. Each nodes runs supervisor, it listens to work and starts and stops workers to do some job based on what nimbus assigned to it. workers runs subset of topology could run multiple bolts for example.
  4. zookeeper coordinates nimbus and supervisors.
  5. nimbus and supervistors are stateless you can kill nimbus or supervistor and they will come back like nothing has happened.

Step 2: Topologies

A graph of computation. To run a topology:

  1. package all your code in a jar
  2. run the jar storm jar mycode.jar MyMainTopology arg1 arg2
  3. You can use any programming language! as all communication and input and output are in thrift.

Step 3: Spouts and bolts

  1. spouts read stream, for example they register to some stream.
  2. bolts do omputations, and can emit streams or multiple streams talk to database etc.
  3. When bolt emit stream it would be received by all bolts that registered to that stream
  4. You can store data stateful in your bolt that is less recommanded but you can do that. if restarted memory is restated.
  5. when you store something in memory better use fieldgrouping so the same keys would reach the same bolts. in shutflegrouping the spread is random.

Step 4: parallelism

  1. You can define how much parallelism you want for each node and storm will spawn that number of threads across the cluste rlke parallelism for a specific bolt.

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