Blochchain Primer

Term Description
Blockchain Think reversed linked list or linked stack
Merkle Tree merkle tree
To verify transaction Hk is in tree need: HL + Hij + Hmnop + Habcdefgh
Merkle DAG DAG just means you have multiple roots to your tree
10 Minutes Blocks It takes around 10 minutes for each block to be mined:
Concensus Think of nodes agreeing on a google-doc these are the blocks of transactions
Difficulty It is difficult to submit changes to the system (the bitcoin blockchain system)
has(block+nounce) Nounce => random guess the random to get 111111
Fork Two new blocks reference the curren blockchain
Fork resolution They just pick the larger fork
namecoin Blockchain for domain names, distributed KV storage
Scripts Blockchain has simple script language, transfer money
New blockchains People fork the code and need to convince other people to use that coin or whatever
ETH General blockchain, that can run script with simple VM, write data, Turing complete
ETH Concensus You want the data in concensus

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