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Git Primer

Git Primer

Concepts Cache eq Index eq Staged Configurations git merge git merge –abort Rebase git remote git push Branch to Github multi master git remote -v git branch -r git pull...

Couchbase Primer

Java client

Blochchain Primer

Term Description Blockchain Think reversed linked list or linked stack Merkle Tree To verify transaction Hk is in tree need: HL + Hij + Hmnop + Habcdefgh Merkle DAG DAG...

devops cheasheet

Docker Command Bash shell to running docker docker exec -it 56a93cc76fde /bin/bash Run nginx docker run --name nginx -p 80:80 nginx     Minikube       Kubernetes   Master...

Python cheasheet

Item Description Type Annotations Retroactifve Type annotations Get URL Content print urllib2.urlopen(‘’).read() Remove chars and split, to list ‘jshfjshfjsh[]’.translate(None, ‘[] “\n’).split(‘,’) Diff arrays set([‘first’, ‘second’, ‘third’]) - set([‘first’,...

AWS cheasheet

Item Description Spot Instances Reduced cost instances

NLP cheatsheet

Term Meaning Weights and Vectors   TF-IDF Weight higher the more a word appears in doc and not in corpusTerm Frequency Inverse Document Frequency length(TF-IDF, doc) num of distinct words...

Data Science cheatsheet

General Data Science

Bug Troubleshooting cheatsheet

Do Do that because Don’t ignore facts Saw some big object in logs? don’t ignore thisAs trivial as this may sound, everything we ignore while troubleshootingMay be the root cause,...

R cheasheet

Item HOWTO CheatSheet Vector create manually c(1,2,3) # => c is combine function term.frequency <- function(row) { row / sum(row) } apply(someMatrix, 1, term.frequency) # 1: rows, 2: cols...

Scalability Definition and Analogies (Podcast)

Scalability - Definition and Analogies (Podcast)

Technologies VS Architectures Episode (Podcast)

Technologies VS Architectures