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Akka CheatSheet


Podcasts CheatSheet

Podcast tools and platforms

Math CheatSheet

Essence of linear algebra

Programming books cheatsheet - the best

Here is my list of favorite software development books. As opposed to other lists I won’t bomb you with the standard development books I assume you already know your java/javascript/whatever....

Scalability And Performance CheatSheet

CAP theorem Consistency: property of distributed database when I read I always get the last value stored. Availability: when I ask I get an answer when I write it write...

Scala flatMap and for comprehension

Introduction I’m not a scala mega mind so feel free to correct me, but this is how I explain the flatMap/map/for-comprehension saga to myself!

Startup Stack - tutorials, videos, books

Run jekyll with docker ```bash Run jekyll with docker

Apache Storm CheatSheet


Kafka CheatSheet


Design Patterns CheatSheet

Brief Summary of design patterns

Hadoop CheaSheet


Linux cheasheet

Pass result of awk into kill or another command

Ruby cheasheet

```ruby mock power2 function.

Docker cheasheet

ubuntu bin/bash docker