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Best devops resources - tutorials, videos, books

Excellent docker and kubernetes training Docker up and running Kubernetes startup quick tutorial Docker and Kubernetes great 101 tutorials Best git cheatsheet

Bigdata buzzwords explained

Lambda Architecture

Best ubuntu resources - tutorials, videos, books

VPN Connection

Best leisure time - tutorials, videos, books

Osho lectures Twin peaks Mad max 3 The upside of irrationality - Dan Arielly

My watchlist readlist log

Here I will describe all that I watch, read which is well worth reading/watching! (I will only list stuff I would want to watch/read again myself and I have the...

Best machine learning resources - tutorials, videos, books

Statistics overview Scala Plot - wisp Spark notebook Advanced Analytics with spark Best spark and general machine learning with scala book Udacity d3 visualizations great course RAW upload some data,...

Timing spray total request response time

So you wish to measure how much the spray request-response cycle takes; you also wish to add it to your metrics set. You have come to the right place, here...

Best philosophy resources - tutorials, videos, books

Osho Remastered Volume 1

Decision Trees, entropy and information gain

Introduction So you need to decide on something and wish to perform it the machine-learning way? you have come to the right www page. decision trees are basically a bunch...

Best hardcore programming resources - tutorials, videos, books

Great javascript lecture Functional programming in java Grokking Algorithms Oracle whitepaper on memory management G1 garbage collection Garbage collection turning Excellent article about garbage collection Daniel Miessler on programming What...

Simple scalding example

Scalding makes hadoop job writing much smaller and compact. It comes at a price, the price is that you are no longer in easy to use java mature world but...

Hadoop job with scalding on docker

Explaining how to run docker with hadoop and then run a sample scalding hadoop job on it.

My scalatest scalacheck flow

Introduction I start with generating simple values required for my class hierarchy, In this phase I generate Long Double values. I move forward to create generators for more complex case...

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